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Artwork Service

Our design studio is here to assist getting your branding looking right.  We have a specialist team on hand to help create your image.

Great Look

Bespoke branding makes you stand out from your competitors.  From small gauge giveaways to branded fans, own brand looks great!

Revenue Generator

Increase your revenue by offering a branded product your customers trust.  Customers buy from you, so offer an own brand item.

Easy To Use

Our service is as simple as a call and agreeing artwork.  We make the process simple and allow you to be as involved as you want to be.

Well Organised

We are experienced at what we do, so handle all the background work and ordering process from this end.


Re-Ordering is as easy as an email or a phone call.  Once you order with us, we are ready to go the next time with a simple re-order.

Our Services

Branding is just one service we offer all our customers.  We supply products around the world into may industries so if you have any enquiries relating to other businesses why not ask us for a quote

Why Work With Us

We take our business and yours very seriously.  We understand that you want to get on with your business but want to know your products are safe and on route, this is why we are trusted

Our Philosophy

We hold many strong values.  Happy staff lead to happy customers and vice versa.  We want to be the best by having the best customer service.   Helping you succeed and grow your business helps us too

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What Other Are Saying

Having worked with R&K's team for sometime, their sourcing and procurement skills are amazing.  I email an order and everything else just falls into place, with delivery dates and times to payments.  

I have watched them grow and can only say, it costs nothing to ask, yet I'm happy I did.  Thank You

Their design team is fantastic.  From our simple logo to a full product branded, it is so exciting to be part of.  We have always wanted branded goods, but always thought they were for big company's only.  Our small store now has branded lines and we love them. 

The feeling of having your name on the product is great, worth the recommendation.   

Call us today on +44(0)1953 66 55 55 or email sales@ukstovefans.com

Branding is the ultimate personal touch to any business, and a very pleasurable one at that.  Customers walking away with branded stock is one way to remain memorable.