Why Should You Buy a Heat Powered Stove Fan?

Our heat powered stove fans are designed to equally distribute heat around your room. So instead of the heat rising towards your ceiling, it generously pushes the warm air around the room resulting in less fuel consumption and getting the best performance from your stove. The fan is completely wireless and does not require any batteries, electricity or mains to operate. It’s completely self-sufficient and runs directly from the heat from your stove. And because of the fans ultra-low starting temperature of 50°C, it can be used on gas stoves too (providing your gas stove reaches at least 50°C or more).


Efficiency – Having a stove fan increases the efficiency of your stove up to 33%. The fan distributes the heat evenly across the room (See below for diagram).


Eco-friendly – Completely self powered, no need for power supply, electricity or battery pack. Burning less fuel means reduced deforestation and CO2 emissions.


Savings – Reduces fuel consumption up to 20%. Less fuel means less money you are spending on wood. A heat powered stove fan is a great long-term investment.


Easy to Use – Operates silently and requires no maintenance. Self-sufficient therefore doesn’t need a battery or any wires. Simply place on top of your wood burning stove or gas stove (requires minimum 50°C for start temperature) away from the flue then sit back and enjoy the warmth.


Safety – If the surface temperature reaches above 250°C, the safety strip on the base of the fan will gently lift the fan away from the hot surface to protect it from damaging the motor and prevent it from overheating. The safety strip will then lower the fan back to the surface when the temperature decreases to it’s maximum operating temperature.



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